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Private Yoga

Private sessions benefit all types of yoga practitioners: from a beginner wanting more guidance to a person working with particular injuries or limitations to a long time yoga practitioner with a desire to explore other aspects of the practice.

First Session: Plan for 90min. This allows us enough time for: opening discussion, assessment, intention setting, practice, and ending relaxation.

Continuing Sessions: Choose between 60min and 90min. Every session includes time for dialogue, practice, and closing relaxation or meditation.  How much time spent in each area of the practice is dependent on the client's individual needs and goals.

Monday-Friday:   Private Yoga at home studio in Redmond, WA

call or email to book a class session.

Wednesday:  Female Balancing yoga class 10:00 a.m.

Saturday:  By appointment only

Workshops are held in the studio and throughout the greater Seattle, WA area:

Yoga Workshops

Corporate Yoga: Designed to promote stress reduction using chair yoga accessible in the officeYoga & Ritual: Bringing ritual & ceremony to our daily practiceYoga & Energy: An Exploration of the Chakra SystemYoga & Relationship: The Dance of Masculine & Feminine Polarities in the practice
Womens Wisdom Yoga & Meditation workshops
Female Balancing Yoga 
Sacred Feminine Revolutionary
Women's Wisdom: Yin, Luna & Restorative Yoga 
Meditation Workshops
Beginning Mindfulness for Meditation
Mantra and Meditation
12 Chakra System & Meditation
Art of compassion in Meditation
Cat Cow Pose
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