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Meditation Instruction

Rock Balancing

Private Meditation sessions and classes:

Designed to train the mind for increased focus, clarity and freedom. One-on-one meditation also promotes stress reduction, relaxation, healing. See Path of Compassion for meditation information and scheduling.

First Session: Plan for 60min. This allows us enough time for: opening discussion, assessment, intention setting, practice, and a guided meditation.

Continuing Sessions: Choose between 60min and 90min. Every session includes time for dialogue, a teaching with focus on one of the principles of mindfulness to culture the mind and develop the foundational understanding for effortless letting go in meditation, and meditation time together. How much time spent in each area of the practice is dependent on the client's individual needs and goals.

Meditation Workshops and Courses
Beginning Mindfulness for Meditation
Mantra and Meditation
12 Chakra System & Meditation
Art of compassion in Meditation


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