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Susannah Weaver BA  CYT  LMT​

Yoga & Meditation | Practice & Mindfulness
Sacred Feminine  |  Women's Wisdom
     Bodywork  |  Massage Therapy,  Energy Work




My name is Susannah Weaver and my calling is to assist people in connecting to the centering and grounding source found inside of one's self. Meditation, yoga and bodywork are unique pathways inward that allow for healing and transformation. I teach in my organization Path of Compassion where you may know me by my spiritual name, Tarakini. As a yoga and meditation teacher and as a bodyworker, I act as a guide for my students and clients to reconnect to this inner source of health and well being.
I became a bodyworker and a teacher in the holistic healing arts because it is where I discovered my freedom through healing old injuries and trauma as well as the relief from stress and anxiety. I am devoted to facilitating somatic work to allow for the natural healing process to unfold and to come back to a state of wholeness. I am down to earth, grounded, and compassionate. I bring these qualities to my work engaging my students and clients to explore their own healing in a supportive environment. My dharma is to support people in finding their most elegant path in life, to find the path that is most truthful and least harmful. 
I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, authorized Sambodha Meditation Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, and I hold a Bachelors Degree in Gender & Feminist Studies.  As a meditation teacher I am a midwife of consciousness and my work is devoted to teaching people how to restore and return to the healing aspect of the sacred within ~ their true essence. My mission is to help people to cultivate the awareness that everything is inter-connected and to offer them the tools to return to their center through the union of body, mind, and spirit ~ breath.

My passion for the mind-body connection started in my work in the performing arts where I worked as a theatrical stage actress throughout my teens and twenty's. My experiences have taught me that when I am open creative expression springs forth from the interconnected relationship of body/mind/emotions/and spirit.  When I began my undergraduate work in my late 20's I took my first yoga class while studying psychology and I fell in love with the practice. I was introduced to research that validated my own personal transformational experience of healing with yoga and other alternative holistic forms of healing during the study of the mind-body connection through neurogenesis in brain psychology (the body's ability to heal itself through the birth of new neurons) while simultaneously experiencing changes through my yoga practice. My journey with yoga and meditation, and the healing arts took flight during this time -- it started with my own physical challenges of suffering and blossomed into my life’s purpose and joy. I found yoga after a car accident left me with chronic pain in 1999. Yoga not only reduced my pain but also began to open my heart, which cultivated compassion and self-love and eventually, a deeper relationship with others as well. My yoga practice was the catalyst for change that led me on a journey of transformation where I discovered meditation and found more joy, balance, a healthier lifestyle, and peace. My meditation practice led me home to the truth of why I am here no longer limited by who I think I am. The wellspring of creativity, compassion and insight that I began to connect to would inform and guide me to become a bodyworker and a teacher to commit to my own healing journey and then later to help others.  One of the greatest gifts of my yoga and meditation practice and path in healing is that today, I move through life with an unguarded heart, open to give and to receive, with a willingness to allow the unfolding of life by living in the present moment.
As a teacher, I teach people, not poses. I love to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone because I remember what it was like when I could not do most of the poses. I have had injuries over the years where I have had to learn to adapt the practice to support my healing process. In both bodywork and yoga, I focus on finding freedom through the breath, and the release of blockages, to promote deep healing and rejuvenation. My classes are based on intelligent sequencing with a foundation in both mindfulness and anatomy and physiology. While they are heart-centered, designed to take you on an inward journey, they are also lovingly infused with my down to earth sense of humor. My private work is individually tailored to help my bodywork clients find release and healing, and my yoga students to build strength, flexibility and balance. The range of my work includes nurturing and nourishing to structural integration (for injuries and chronic conditions), resulting in a custom-tailored experience that will promote a feeling of safety during the time you spend on the mat, the cushion, or on the table.
My repertoire of bodywork ranges from swedish to deep tissue through myofascial release, hot stone therapy to subtle anatomy, which includes cranio-sacral unwinding, blue medicine, earth energy and Reiki. My background in yoga includes an influence of many different styles of Hatha yoga including Vini, Yin, Luna, Iyungar, Anusara, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga.  My original training is in Hatha yoga, in the Krishnamacharya lineage and more recently Prajna yoga.


I live with my beloved husband Bob Nash in Redmond, WA. Bob teaches Wado Karate and I teach yoga and meditation classes out of our private studio. When I am not teaching or doing bodywork I can be found with my beloved husband, on the water or hiking in the woods. I ground and recharge when I connect to nature. I am inspired by the harmony of the cycles and so I look to the earth and the moon for the wisdom and mystery the feminine offers in her cycles.  



I am grateful and honored to help people through hands-on-healing and the ancient wisdom found within the healing tools of bodywork, yoga and meditation.  A deep bow to all of my teachers, in particular the teachers who continue to guide my work and who have had the greatest influence on my path: My teacher Aaravindha Himadra and the Amartya tradition at the heart of Sambodha.


In Hatha Yoga, I honor all of the many teachers I have worked with. With great respect and appreciation for the practice and teachings of Prajna Yoga, Djuna Mascall and Tias Little of Prajna Yoga. Gratitude to T.K.V. Desikachar and the Krishnamacharya lineage for making the practice of hatha yoga available to the West and to women. I bow to my students and clients who teach and inspire me every day.

                           - Namaste,


Susannah Weaver



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Washington State License number: #MA60886049

California State License: # 4825

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